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Environmental Portraits

A great environmental portrait can communicate a lot about a person’s personality along with aspects of what they do. When composing the photograph above, I liked how parts of the background matched Yolanda’s bright shirt and created a warm, fun vibe. Her business, Yolanda’s Construction Administration and Traffic Control, owns a warehouse full of traffic directing […]

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Working in Sync

For large organizations, keeping multiple individuals in sync while working on the same project can be a challenge, which is one reason why city governments have a reputation for inefficiency. But the City of Palo Alto isn’t one for accepting mediocrity, which is why employees are using Accela Software’s civic engagement platform to streamline their […]


Zero Net Energy for Design Professionals

We lucked out with gorgeous natural light at the Mitchell Park Library for an event video shoot with the City of Palo Alto’s Development Department. We started with a Q&A with (from right) Melanie Jacobson of Integrated Design 360, Palo Alto Development Director Peter Pirnejad, and architect Charles Eley, who was the keynote speaker. We […]


New Training Shoot for the City of Palo Alto

Last week we shot another training on Green Building guidelines for the City of Palo Alto. We have upgraded our gear since the last round of videos for this client, so we are going to replace some older footage with newer shots of our interviewees that will enhance the existing material. On this shoot we […]

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Renaissance 2016!

It’s one of the highlights of every fall season for Little Spark Media – the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center’s annual event. On October 7 the organization awarded prizes to three entrepreneurs from three different parts of the Bay Area and from three divergent industries. Melissa Myers won the Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the The Good Hop Bottle […]

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Video Shoot for the City of Palo Alto’s Green Building Program

We’re excited to be working on a second set of training videos for the City of Palo Alto’s Green Building program. The videos are meant to help contractors and residents understand new and changing regulations on building and landscaping. So far, the series has helped to reduce incoming call volume to the building department as […]


A Superbowl-Themed Video Shoot at UCSF Mission Bay

We had a great shoot at UCSF for a video outlining how the mechanics of the shoulder allow humans to throw. This video was in preparation for the Superbowl, with a script that looked into both the physical and neurological sides of how the shoulder works. It’s been very successful on UCSF’s Facebook page with more than […]

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Video Idea: Company Announcement Videos

A company announcement video is a great opportunity to connect with your community. Whether you’ve got an internal news site or will be sending the video out by email, a video will help you get a message to your employees with both efficiency and a personal touch. For example, you may want to congratulate the […]

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Customer testimonial videos are a heartwarming way to boost your brand

     Happy customers are the best evangelists for your product – and putting them on video can multiply the referrals they’ve probably already been giving you. They’ll give enthusiastic support and provide concrete examples of how you’ve helped them and can help others. Testimonial videos can be great for you, but they’re also a great […]


New Video Project – Palo Alto Green Building Program

One of the the most exciting projects we worked on in 2015 was a video on the City of Palo Alto’s Green Building Program and their goal of reaching Zero Net Energy in 2020. Our crew arrived at the Palo Alto Art Center early in the morning to set up before the workshop attendees arrived. […]